Home Improvements in Hockley, Essex

Improving your home, offices or building is a big decision, and it is important to begin with a budget and specification. Roothway Builders provide all of our clients with a thorough idea of costings before the plans are completed – this is essential to every successful job. As general builders, we realise the importance of specifications and engineering beforehand. We will provide you with realistic figures and a comprehensive design plan to help you achieve the desired look within your budget.

The projects we undertake range from minor repairs to major refurbishments, extensions, construction and structural works.

Converting your loft or attic is one of the most cost effective, easiest and efficient methods of renovating your house to increase your living space. With our professional service and quality workmanship there really is no need to go through the stress and expense of moving home when simply creating more space will solve your problems.

Our home improvements services include: